CCR Trains Lakota Principals in Collaborative Meeting Facilitation

With the success of the community conversation process (click here for more details), Lakota Local Schools superintendent Dr. Karen Mantia has asked CCR to train their principals in collaborative meeting facilitation.

For ten years, CCR executive director Jeffrey Stec has facilitated community dialog, lead non-profit strategic planning, and traveled the country teaching continuing legal education courses in “collaborative negotiation”, which marries theory from communication psychology to group facilitation skills. By combining these experiences, CCR offers an integrated facilitation model for building teams, inspiring ideas, and reaching consensus–exactly what is necessary to re-invigorate staff or community meetings.  And because people commit to what they co-create, individuals hold themselves accountable for actions planned during the process.

With two of four three-hour training sessions complete, reviews from from participants and sponsors alike have been fantastic.  Most stress how the training is real-world ready — any meeting, whether public or private, can benefit from increased participation, empathy, and creativity — and all see the organizational benefit that collaborative processes bring to meetings.

As the training moves forward and evolves to include real-time coaching during public engagement, we will see how principals using collaborative meeting facilitation can help change the tone of the community conversation around education.

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