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Announcements and notes from CCR member meetings.

Member Meeting

CCR will be hosting an open-to-the-public members meeting Wednesday, April 4th, from 6-8:30 p.m. at Aquarius Star Cafe in the Clifton Gaslight District (free to non-members, including coffee/tea, and light appetizers; five dollar suggested donation for non-members).  To support efforts to engage more citizens in public life, every quarterly member meeting will:

  • Connect by sharing personal stories of civic engagement;
  • Learn a civic engagement skill;
  • Improve the community by identifying:
    • A hot community issue that needs CCR-facilitated public deliberation (the next deliberation event is May 10);
    • A key civic project that CCR and its membership should address by engaging citizens;
    • What you want to learn at future events, courses, and newsletters.

Our member meetings are the place we come together to figure out how we can collectively inspire people to get off the couch and step into communal life.  Please join us April 4th and help us see what’s possible.